Our News Source Project

Without a doubt one of the most difficult parts of getting LockerPulse off the ground was finding the news sources. News breaks for each team and each league in a variety of different ways, from official team/league/player sites, to newspapers, beat-writers, and even fan bloggers. Over the next month our team will be adding and removing sources from all 122 professional sports teams, in an effort to provide you with your news the second it happens directly from the source who breaks it. We realize that it will be impossible for us to do this completely on our own. Many people have already written us suggesting sites that we’re missing. We will be ramping up our efforts throughout the site to make it more known that we’d like you to let us know what we’re missing. If you have a suggestion for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can click the “Feedback” link under the “More” tab on any page, leave a comment below, or email us at Contact LockerPulse

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