Improved Linking From Twitter

One of the most common complaints we get from our Twitter followers is that it takes two clicks to read the story that we’re linking to – a first click to visit LockerPulse, and a second to read the full story and not just the summary. While we want our Twitter users to see the value in LockerPulse and hopefully sign up and give it a try, we also want them to be able to continue to receive the news solely via Twitter in the most efficient manner if they so choose. To hopefully get the best of both worlds, we’ve introduced an improved landing page today that allows you to read the full story while also introducing some of the benefits of LockerPulse, such as related stories, as well as visiting the site of the original content provider (something that’s also important). We hope that this is a win-win-win scenario for everyone. As always, comments and feedback are encouraged.

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2 thoughts on “Improved Linking From Twitter

  1. LockerPulse, just want to say that this site has become one of the Best Sports sites. Period ! One thing your lacking(or not)is the ability to watch Highlight clips on video(streaming?), although its probably in the works by now. Other than that, you guys have a fan in me for life!
    LockerPulse on the Rise Baby!


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