Improving the Team Info Tab

We’ve launched a nice, albeit minor, improvement to the Team Info tab. Your team’s full schedule and standings are now available at a quick glance. This is just the beginning of us better integrating things such as scores, schedules, standings, tickets, etc that are complementary to your sports news reading. We hope to improve your LockerPulse experience by giving you all of the supplemental information that you need right at your finger tips.

Schedules & Standings Tab

Also, special thanks to the team at FanFeedr. Our schedules and standings are powered by their fantastic developer API.

Enjoy the Holiday weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Improving the Team Info Tab

  1. Jeff on said:

    Thats awesome, you are using your competitors API to compete with them. I wonder how they get this data and how they are able to resell that data.

  2. Adam on said:

    Jeff –

    Thanks for the comment. That’s a good question. We’ve been in touch with the guys at FanFeedr throughout the process but they haven’t mentioned where they get the data from and how they go about licensing it out.

    Adam @ LockerPulse

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