Miami Marlins Added & Yahoo Duplicate Post Issues Resolved

On Friday the Florida Marlins unveiled their new stadium, uniforms, and officially changed their name to the Miami Marlins. We’ve updated their name and colors across our site, including on the Miami Marlins page:

Miami Marlins LockerPulse

We’ve also fixed one of the more annoying bugs for fans who follow a lot of Yahoo Sports news sources. Our system detects duplicate stories by the permanent URL of the story. In almost all cases, there is only one single URL per story, which never changes, and this system works remarkably well. However, Yahoo sometimes uses multiple URLs per story and changes them in their feeds. For instance, a recent story on their hockey blog Puck Daddy entitled Thursday’s Three Stars: First-place Panthers; big Avs rally was posted under the following three URLs:

Our system detected them as three separate stories and inserted them three times over the course of the day. It can be very distracting to see the same story in your news stream over and over. Because this has been an ongoing problem for Yahoo Sports feeds, we’ve added an extra check for Yahoo stories where we also check for a matching title within the past day and only post if there are no matches. Hopefully from here on out this is no longer an issue. We also now have this functionality available to use on other news sources if similar issues are detected. If you notice anything similar don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop us an email.

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