Coming Soon: The New LockerPulse

We’ve been a bit quiet lately with our feature releases, but with good reason. We’re gearing up for a massive relaunch of LockerPulse!

Since we initially conceived of LockerPulse in 2009 and subsequently launched in May of 2010 a lot has changed with how we as consumers use the web. For sites like LockerPulse, touch interfaces on phones and tablets are rapidly approaching the usage of traditional computers. Very few people saw this coming – heck the iPad had only been released a few weeks before that first version of LockerPulse came out!

We’ve spent a lot of time since May of 2010 studying our analytics, talking to our users, and paying close attention to how the web has evolved.

So what can you expect? Better coverage of more teams and more sports. An easier-to-use experience, starting with a better initial sign-up. Quicker access to the other things that are important to you in addition to the news: schedules, standings, scores, and videos. A more consistent experience across all devices – from your work PC to your laptop to your iPad to your Android phone – it will always “feel” like the same LockerPulse. And many more improvements that we hope show you that we’re committed to making this the very best platform for consuming sports news.

When can you expect the new LockerPulse?
We’re shooting for releasing this in Q1 of 2012, most likely towards the end of March. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please leave a comment below or shoot us an email. We’re always excited to hear from our users!

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